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7/14/20 – “Supreme Court’s “faithless electors” decision validates case for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”

“Supporters of a popular vote for president should understand two important and positive things about the court’s decision. First, the ruling underscores the fact that Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution accords states broad power over their electors. And second, the Court’s decision reinforces the validity of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”
Barry Fadem, The Brookings Institution

7/3/20 – Letters to the editor: Presidential elections

“The paranoia, as displayed by Ms. Ganahl’s fixation on California, is sad, and that alone is reason for me to support the National Popular Vote in the November election. Living in fear and paranoia of being dominated by “the other” is not justification for denying individuals a vote of equal weight, as the national popular vote proposal will guarantee.”
Tina Eden, Presidential elections: Majority should rule, The Daily Camera

“The president shouldn’t be currying favor with individual states. The president should be concerned with what’s best for the entire country.”
Holly Monkman, Presidential elections: Let’s all vote together, The Daily Camera

“The Electoral College system is outmoded and atavistic. One of its biggest flaws is that it gives battleground states too much power and is based on a “winner take all” system. How is that fair?”
Beret E. Strong, Presidential elections: One person, one vote, The Daily Camera

7/3/20 – Jennifer Parenti: National Popular Vote a benefit to all

“I’ve run the numbers. Whether you’re a rural Republican, big-city Democrat or small-town independent, like me, the National Popular Vote will make your vote more relevant and more powerful in national elections.”
Jennifer Parenti, Greeley Tribune

7/1/20 – Janine Reid: Our Republic is strengthened by the National Popular Vote

“The National Popular Vote preserves the Electoral College while still making sure every vote for president matters and the presidential candidate that receives the most popular votes nationwide wins the election.”
Janine Reid, Greeley Tribune

5/5/20 – “Every vote matters under a National Popular Vote for president

“The League of Women Voters of Colorado has supported the direct popular vote method for president and vice president since 1970, believing that popular vote is essential for representative government.”
Ruth Stemler, President, League of Women Voters of Colorado, Colorado Springs Gazette / Tribune

4/13/20 – “National popular vote will ensure every vote counts — in Colorado and nationwide

“Imagine a presidential election in which every voter is relevant no matter where that voter lives.”
Senator Mike Foote, Colorado Politics

2/12/20 – “A national popular vote for prez would put Colorado back on the map

“It never ceases to amaze me how some people — those who oppose making every voter in every state relevant — deny basic facts and political realities.”
Matt Mackowiak, Colorado Politics

1/14/20 – “National popular vote for prez will make elections fairer

“what do I mean by fair? Well, the core idea should be, I think, that the person who gets the most votes wins. Pretty radical, eh?”
Hal Bidlack, Colorado Politics

4/5/19 – “Guest commentary: Separate fact from fiction on National Popular Vote movement

“Imagine if the second-place candidate from your legislative district or in the Colorado governor’s race was declared the winner. That would be unacceptable. And it should be unacceptable for the presidency of the United States.”
Representatives Emily Sirota and Jenni Arndt, Denver Post

2/1/19 – “Colorado should join movement tying electoral college to popular vote

“Our endorsement follows a thoughtful analysis that found joining this compact would eliminate a system that has created vast inequities when it comes to political sway over the executive branch.”
Denver Post editorial board 

1/25/19 – “Colorado should join the National Popular Vote compact

“The compact would ensure that the voice of every American will count equally in presidential elections, and candidates will trade campaign strategies that focus on swing states for those that account for every state.”
Boulder Daily Camera editorial board

1/23/19 – “Electoral Makeover (Support the National Popular Vote)

“The Electoral College was designed to force candidates to pay attention to the entire country. But that’s not what’s happening”
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial board