We support YES on Prop. 113, the National Popular Vote

Organization Endorsements

Yes on National Popular Vote Colorado has the support from a broad, statewide coalition of supporters.

The League of Women Voters of Colorado

“Elected officials represent all the people in a democracy, not just those in a few states.  A strong democracy makes every vote equal and every voter relevant.  The League of Women Voters has supported a national popular vote since 1970 because we believe the most important officeholders of the land — our President and Vice President – should be accountable to all Americans.”

Karen Sheek
President of the League of Women Voters of Colorado

NAACP, CO-WY-MT State Area Conference

“We’re excited to make the case to Colorado Voters that the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote should be president–period.  Passing this ballot measure is critical to moving America to a more fair system that rewards the candidate that gets the most votes across all 50 states, not just a few “battleground” states.” 

Rosemary Lytle
President of the CO-WY-MT State Area Conference of the NAACP

New Era Colorado

“Young voters care deeply about fairness in our democracy—which means the candidate who earns the most votes should be elected President. We support YES on National Popular Vote because young voters deserve a system that values their voices–equally.”

Nicole Hensel
Executive Director of New Era Colorado

SEIU Colorado

“Presidential candidates should work to earn votes from all voters, regardless of where we live, what we look like, or how much money we have. YES on National Popular Vote would mean that Presidential candidates cannot ignore our state and our issues.” 

Lauren Martens
Executive Director of SEIU Colorado

LaPlata County League of Women Voters

“The power of our vote should not depend on where we live.  Every vote should count equally. Electing our President based on the majority of all votes cast makes a vote from rural Colorado have the same weight as a vote from Brooklyn; and a vote from a fly-over state counts just as much as a coastal state. A national popular vote is the fair way to elect a President in a democracy.” 

Jean Aaro
President of the LaPlata County League of Women Voters

Mi Familia Vota

“Americans, especially Latinos, vote when they know they’re voices will be heard. By supporting YES on National Popular Vote, we’re supporting a future where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.” 

Salvador Hernandez
Colorado State Director of Mi Familia Vota

Common Cause

“Our democracy is stronger when all of our voices are heard. Our current system of electing the President continues to dilute the voices of some voters, voters that are disproportionately Black and brown, by counting our votes unequally. The time to make true the principle of “one person, one vote” is long overdue.”

Amanda Gonzalez
Executive Director of Common Cause Colorado

Newspaper Endorsements

“Electoral Makeover (Support the National Popular Vote)”

“The Electoral College was designed to force candidates to pay attention to the entire country. But that’s not what’s happening”

“Colorado should join movement tying electoral college to popular vote”

“Our endorsement follows a thoughtful analysis that found joining this compact would eliminate a system that has created vast inequities when it comes to political sway over the executive branch.”

“Endorsement: Yes on Proposition 113 to elect the U.S. president with the national popular vote”

“This is a matter of preserving the sanctity of our votes across the nation.”

“Colorado should join the National Popular Vote compact”

“The compact would ensure that the voice of every American will count equally in presidential elections, and candidates will trade campaign strategies that focus on swing states for those that account for every state.”

“Let every vote for president count: Yes on Prop 113”

“Arguments supporting the current system and against changing it are rife with fiction, deception and provable inaccuracies.”

“The time has come for popular vote”

“It is time to give the American electorate an improved opportunity to select its president. Vote Yes on Proposition 113.”

All Endorsers

The League of Women Voters of Colorado Common Cause Colorado Together Colorado Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) Mi Familia Vota ProgressNow Colorado Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) NAACP of Colorado – Wyoming – Montana SEIU Colorado AFSCME Colorado Working Families Party New Era Colorado Indivisible Colorado Action Network (ICAN) Colorado Citizens Project One Colorado ACLU Colorado Colorado Democratic Party Womxn’s March Denver Represent.Us JeffCo & Represent.Us Ft. Collins Our Revolution Metro Denver & Our Revolution Weld County Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) United for a New Economy Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center The Colorado Education Association American Federation of Teachers Conservation Colorado Young Invincibles Progressive Democrats of America Democratic Women of Boulder County Democratic Women of Loveland The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel The Denver Post The Boulder Daily Camera

League of Women Voter Chapters: Boulder County, Larimer County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe and Douglas County, LaPlata County, Denver, Gunnison Valley, Adams County, San Luis Valley, Chaffee County, Montezuma County, Montrose County, Greeley-Weld County, and the Pikes Peak Region (Colorado Springs)